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Manor Class

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The Manor Class of Locomotives

The Manor Class of 4-6-0s arrived in 1938, built to a Collett design for a two-cylinder mixed traffic engine.  It was Colletts final 4-6-0 design for the GWR and his least successful as originally built.  Like Stanier on the LMS, Collett’s policy was to replace existing designs with a number of 4-6-0s of mixed traffic capabilities.  With an axle loading of just over 17 tons the Manor’s were suitable for use over the routes where the larger Grange Class were barred.  The first 20 engines of the Class used the wheels and motion removed from withdrawn Churchward 4300 Class Moguls.  A new No 14 standard boiler was designed for the locomotive, and in order to reduce weight it was both shorter and smaller than the Grange Class. However, the new boiler proved to be a poor steam producer and in 1951/2 various tests with sister Manor No.7818 were carried out.  This led to a modifying of the blastpipe diameter, and its distance from the chimney, together with the fitting of a new design of narrower chimney. After which the performance of the Class was transformed. The original allocation of the Manors was for work over the Banbury-Cheltenham-Swansea section used by through trains from the North East, and over the Devizes line. During the war years they were seen at Oswestry and were the first 4-6-0s allowed over the Cambrian Route. Under British Railways the Manors were classed as 5MT and initially outshopped in lined black livery. Later they were finished  in the plain BR black livery with the lion and wheel totem. The first of the class to be withdrawn was No. 7809 Childrey Manor, in 1963 and the last was No.7829 Ramsbury Manor which went in 1965.

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