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Membership / Points of Contact

There are approximately 200 members in the Society, coming from a wide area and different walks of life. Many of them have been life members for some years, with a small number who  regularly work on the Locomotive. The Society is run by a Committee, who meet on a monthly basis, where matters concerning  administration, locomotive maintenance, and fund raising are regular items on the agenda. A newsletter is published periodically keeping the membership in touch with events within the Society. The funding for the ongoing maintenance of No. 7822 Foxcote Manor has been achieved by the continuing generosity of the Society members (A Registered Charity), donations from the public and other well-wishers. The Society is always keen to welcome new members, if you are interested, we would be pleased to hear from you: 

Foxcote Manor Society

c/o Llangollen Railway Station, 

Abbey Road, 

Llangollen  Clwyd.

 LL20  8SN, 



 W N Evans


 G Heddon


 W E Smith

Membership Secretary

 C Simon

Hon. Chief Mechanical Engineer

 D Owen


Society Officers


M Whitton

 H Hewitt

 P Bailey

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