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What's New ?

July / 2004

On 1st July a visit was made to Ian Riley Locomotive Works by the Committee members to view progress on the new tender. The old tender has been dismantled down to the chassis, where work is well advanced on the manufacture and fitting of a new dragbox. The old tender tank will be scrapped owing to advanced corrosion along the front ends and sides. (Any offers? - it would make a super bird bath!) 

Click here to see photos of tender

During the overhaul, it was noted that the tender wheels would need machining and re-profiling.

May/ June / 2004

The locomotive is now back in traffic, and has completed a successful three days in the Llangollen Steam Gala Event.

April / 2004

The driving wheels and the bogies have now been fully machined, delivered and fitted to 7822.It is hoped to have the Manor back in traffic by Early May 2004. The loco's tender is to be completely refurbished with a new water tank being built and fitted. It is unlikely that the tender will be completed before September 2004, in the meantime the engine will use / hire the tender from No.3802.

January / 2004

Following regular use on the Santa Specials 7822 has now been withdrawn from traffic, for extensive refurbishing work. The wheel sets, bogie, tender frames, tender tank and tyre blanks have been shipped to Ian Riley's for this work to be carried out.

November /  December 2003

Members of the Foxcote Manor Society have been busy stripping down the tender from the locomotive so that major work can be carried out.

While the tender is unavailable the loco will again run with the high-sided tender from No. 3802.

August / September /2003

Foxcote Manor completed a successful 4day visit to the Great Central Railway ( Northern) at Ruddington, near Nottingham,  as part of the G.C.R Railways 10th Anniversary celebrations. 

19th July /2003 

The Annual Summer Charter was held on the 19th July and proved to be another highly successful event with a "sell out" of all available seats. After a week of very hot weather, the event was blessed with an evening of beautiful sunshine. The whole of the line from Llangollen to Carrog is a spectacular one, particularly on the stretch from Glyndyfrdwy station past the mount on on to Carrog,  running through the open valley with the early evening sun catching the fields and rising to the hills on either side. Arrival at Carrog was on time (well almost!) with an excellent buffet waiting for the passengers. Some of the group made a 'pilgrimage' to the  Grouse Inn, while the rest spent the next few hours in the pleasant company of old friends, and just as important the forging of new ones. Our Chairman did his duty by welcoming everybody, and ( most important) did the honours concerning the raffle, and auctioning a replica of 7822's smokebox  numberplate. During the evening a photo call took place with the Society secretary , Mr G Heddon holding a facsimile of a cheque for £10000, donated by the Crewe Works Open Day Committee to the Berwyn Bridge appeal. The Foxcote Manor Society has independently given almost a  £1000 over the past two years to this  vital project. Footplate rides at Carrog were very popular, particularly with with the lady passengers, this involved a short reverse run to the end of the Mount and back to Carrog Station accompanied by the inevitable whistle blowing by the footplate guests (A sort of "Thomas Event" for adults!)  This  very enjoyable evening ended with a rapid departure from Carrog at approx. 9.30pm.behind our Flagship Foxcote Manor. Once again, many thanks to all who helped to make this event a success. 


Foxcote Manor was present at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse GWR weekend on 5th/6th and11th /12th of July. The event was very busy, and  unusual one, with various GWR locomotives in steam. The traffic procedures involved the engines moving into the Roundhouse, being turned , and moving "off shed" back into the yard roads. A shuttle operated on the main road that lead to the rail network, with the various locomotives taking turns moving ( via push and pull procedure) the passenger loaded stock to the track end and back again. One of the highlights of the second weekend was the appearance of GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 No. 5051 Earl Bathhurst / Drysllwyn Castle. This  engine looked magnificent, particularly along side Foxcote Manor. Llangollen based  Diana Clementson and Colin White were among the Engine crews that manned 7822 over the weekend. 

"Swintons finest" star attraction at Bury

7822 completed a successful two day visit to the East Lancashire Railway on the 8th and 9th June featuring extensively in their  steam event. It is easy to see why GWR engines got their reputation for being "sure footed", as the locomotive kept its feet well despite the very wet conditions on the Sunday afternoon. Resident East Lancs driver Frank Cronin worked  7822  for most of the day and was well pleased with the" Western engine" He was ably assisted by resident Llangollen crews Diana Clementson and Colin White, both taking alternative firing turns. 


Foxcote Manor deputised for a "failed" Oulton Hall on the Saturday of the Crewe Works Open day event. According to resident " Wizard" Llangollen engineer and driver Mike Pearce, 7822 performed faultlessly, adding that he never expected to be driving a Western engine on enemy territory. Following a successful two days at the Event, 7822 will travel direct to the East Lancashire Railway to take part in their Steam Event .


7822 has now been moved to Crewe Works for the Open Day Celebrations. 


7822 has been used regularly this Christmas on the Santa Specials, steaming with  Stanier " Black Five" No. 44806 in a "Push & Pull" combination. The route this year was from Llangollen via Berwyn station to Deeside Halt and return. Good to see Darren Churn on the footplate.

Foxcote Manor print:  Steam Railway Competition

Win a fantastic signed limited edition print of Foxcote Manor -worth £95 - in this easy-to-enter competition as advertised in the latest edition of Steam Railway Magazine

Extract from advertisement:

The painting was commissioned by the Foxcote Manor Society, today's guardians of No. 7822, which is in service  on the Llangollen Railway. It was originally used to generate funds during the Swindon 4-6-0's last overhaul, but  now the locomotive is a regular performer on the Welsh line, proceeds go towards keeping the Manor running and towards building a fund towards the next overhaul in eight years' time. It really is a wonderful picture of a  Locomotive that is still very much with us. There are 250 prints in the limited, signed, edition. They normally retail at £95 each (£140 framed), but we have one to give away, absolutely FREE! 

Full details of the competition are in the current edition of Steam Railway magazine 

Even if you don't win, you can still purchase one of these wonderful limited-edition prints , and know that you have contributed to a great cause -Keeping No.7822 Foxcote Manor in action. Prints cost £95 (or £140 framed) inclusive of post and. packing. Cheques should be made  payable to Foxcote Sales and sent to Foxcote Sales, c/o 33 Ashgate Lane, Wincham, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 6PN

"And the winner is....

A Mr R Avery, from Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, and an interesting one too! Back 1950, the year 7822 was built, Mr Avery was a young railway telegraphist, and recalls the day he saw the newly built locomotive racing past his box at Wootton Bassett. "We would frequently see many different types of engines just after they came out of the factory", Mr Avery says, "The engine crews used to want us to give them a clear road through to Dauntsey so that they could really give the locomotives their head."

The Society would like to extend their congratulations to Mr Avery, on his success on winning a print of Foxcote Manor  plus a free footplate ride on the engine on the Llangollen Railway.

October 2002

7822 has been temporarily paired with a GWR 4000-gallon high-sided tender for a series of running-in trials. The tender which is owned by 3802 Ltd;  has been rebuilt over the past three years by the Langollen Locomotive Department.

July 2002

Summer Evening Excursion (30th Anniversary of Society)

This popular summer evening outing has now become a regular event with the usual near "sell out" of all the tickets a couple of weeks before the day. As in previous years the event depended on several things coming together at the correct time, such as the catering, wine/drinks etc, and the weather!! We had some heavy showers during the day, which thankfully had cleared by departure time. The train departed from Llangollen at 6.15pm with Messrs. Francis and Hoyland on the footplate,  for a pleasant evening trip up the Dee Valley. As in previous years the train did not call at Berwyn station, but it was passed slow enough for the passengers to admire the new extension, and development work taking place there. After a brief halt at Glyndyfrdwy we arrived  Carrog at approx 7.00pm. A buffet was awaiting, which was swiftly devoured by the guests who appeared to be rather hungrier than last year. (perhaps that was due to the cool weather!). Some of the group made a 'pilgrimage' to the  Grouse Inn, while the rest spent the next few hours in the pleasant company of old friends, and just as important the forging of new ones. Our Chairman did his duty by welcoming everybody, and ( most important) did the honours concerning the raffle. This rather chilly, but very enjoyable evening ended with a rapid departure from Carrog at approx. 9.30pm.behind our Flagship Foxcote Manor. Many thanks to all who helped to make this event a success.

The new Driving wheel and Bogie wheel blanks have been purchased.

June 2002     

Land Cruise

A great day!,   Picture perfect!   The Manor assumed the name of No. 7817 Garsington Manor  for this special  event when, for this evening only, it carried the original nameplates, lent to us by the owner. Over100 people attended at what turned out to be a glorious evening- Perfect for a trip up the valley. As with previous Land Cruises, a draw was held with a footplate pass (for each stage of the journey) given as a prize for winning ticket holders. The train with newly named Garsington Manor at it's head left Llangollen at 7.15pm arriving at the recently extended Berwyn station a few minutes later. The passengers  disembarked here, while 7822 reversed back down the line, and came storming back through the station giving everybody a great photo opportunity. The passengers then re-joined the train, continuing their journey to Carrog, where light refreshments were served, giving everybody an opportunity to mingle and meet old  friends. Later in the evening an auction was held when the Cabside and smokebox numberplates were sold off. A new innovation which proved to be popular with the guests. The train left at 9.00 pm sharp , arriving back at Llangollen at 9.30pm. Many thanks to all those involved in supporting this occasion, with a special thanks to the following for their sponsorship of the event:

Charlton Homes (Wigan) 

M&W Heating (Chester)

Morrey Evans (Chester)

Evans Mechanical Services (Wrexham)

Bromborough Plant & Building Supplies (Bromborough)

Mr.Clive Edwards for the loan of Garsington Manor nameplates

Oswestry Visit

The Manor made a nostalgic visit to the Cambrian Railway site at Oswestry during the second week of this month. It was here in 1975 that 7822 arrived from Barry, where after 10 years of sustained effort the Engine finally moved to Llangollen in 1985. The visit this month has been a good public relations Exercise. 


May 2002

7822 assumed the disguise's of No.7800 Torquay Manor, and No. 7807 Compton Manor for two separate private photo charters.

March 2002

The Manor visited the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway this month to fulfill a short hire agreement. It proved to be a popular performer carrying out a number of daily and special event duties. Several of the members made the journey south to see 7822 and all were made very welcome by the GWR. The engine returned to Llangollen with the smokebox facing east, however, this is a temporary situation as it will revert back to normal when it returns from another short break at the Cambrian Railway Site at Oswestry.

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